Le panneau perforé 27 cm : Nouveau format chez Quark - Quark

The 27 cm pegboard: New format at Quark

Today I present to you a new Pegboard in a mini version. And yes we decided to create a new Pegboard that can slip on all the walls. And it's kind of a magician: it creates storage and decorative space even when you don't have any! It's magic!

Pegboard Valchromat bleu

A Mini Pegboard

Beyond being magical, it's practical! Because it doesn't need a lot of space, it can be placed anywhere! Even if you have a small surface on the wall, I'm sure we can find a small place for it. Colourful, fun and above all too cute, we tell you a little more about this Pegboard in valchromat.

An All-Terrain Pegboard

Convenient as an empty pocket or bedside table

It can find its place in any room of the house, whether in the entrance hall where it can be used as an empty pocket, to put your keys, papers or transport ticket. You can even put your essentials there, in winter for example, you can put your little scarf, your gloves. You can empty your pockets when you get home because when you change your jacket you forget the next morning and that's the tragedy! But you can also put things there that you don't want to forget in the morning when you go to work with a little silly reminder, for example.

It can also have its place in your bedroom, acting as a bedside table. It's modern, aesthetic and on top of that there's no risk of spilling its content or tripping over it. You can put your night things there, your water, just like on a bedside table! This makes our small everyday objects very accessible, always at hand.

But also in the kitchen

Etagère murale

You can find it in your kitchen with all kinds of spices, salt, pepper. All your utensils that you often need is practical because it is accessible. For your cutlery, your cups, and even to display your most stylish utensils! This can be used as decoration because the decoration in the kitchen is not always easy. If you love color and design, then this pegboard is for your kitchen. It can also be in pairs, in different colors, or not, for a colorful and quirky effect.

Panneau perforé pour salle de bain

Or in the bathroom!

It can also be found in the bathroom to place your daily care products, creams, serums, or even your favorite jewellery. It is once again, accessible, if you have no or no more floor space, it is ideal. No need to add a small piece of extra furniture that will have to fit on a very small surface. Place your Pegboard in your bathroom and you're done.

The possibilities of this perforated panel are endless, as it can even be used as an assistant around a baby's changing table, for example. All the products at your fingertips, it's fast efficient and on top of that very pretty. In a child's room too, with a little decoration or even as games for older children. It may interest more than one to play at putting the accessories in the holes, all alone like a grown-up! To choose your own decoration. It can be a very nice tool that grows with the child. Because on the Pegboard everything can be taken off and put back on, there are endless possibilities! And it can completely adapt to different decorations, different fashions etc.

It's a small and discreet wall shelf, which is easy to install! As it is small in size it is very light, just drill two holes in the wall and voila, your Pegboard is installed.

No need to make it complicated like you can make it simple, right?

The perforated panel: a real ally for your interior

Etagere murale Quark

As they are colorful, they add a touch of color anywhere in your interior. It is so small and adaptable in all rooms of the house that you will necessarily find a place for it. A small piece of wall you add a mini Pegboard to it and you add a new feature to the room. It makes everyday life easier, it makes your effects, your reminders, your photos, more visible. It's a bit of a drawer competitor after all 🙂

But we're not a fan of drawers because it's true that it's nice because it gives a very tidy and clean side to the room. But very often we forget what's inside, when we need it we no longer know where it is. We accumulate and then in the end it's tidied up but we can't find anything anymore because it's a mess. This little Pegbaord will encourage you to tidy up the room and leave only the essentials: what you need, or even just decoration to dress up your room. But when you want to find something it will be simpler and more obvious. And it saves you time every day.

These small perforated panels were born from scrap wood that remained alone for long hours in the workshop. They hurt us too much so we transformed them 😂

In reality, it's true that we had a lot of scraps, and you now know that Quark is a committed company that hates waste and likes to transform, so we racked our brains to find how to value its wood scraps! And that's where this idea came to us. Make a fun, colorful and above all super cute mini Pegboard.

The Valchromat


And yes, I told you that this Pegboard was designed in valchromat, but what is it?

Valchromat is a composite wood panel made from recycled wood fibers and synthetic resins. It is designed to be used in various applications. Especially in design such as furniture, wall covering panels, decorative panels and panels for the graphic arts.

In addition to having a very attractive visual appearance, this material has many advantages:

  • Durability: Valchromat is resistant to scratches, humidity and impacts, which makes it ideal for applications requiring a long service life.
  • It has a natural look: Valchromat has a look similar to solid wood, which makes it popular for decorative applications.
  • Endless possibilities with vibrant colors: Valchromat is available in a variety of bright and intense colors, making it a popular choice in decorating.
  • Ecological: Valchromat is made from recycled wood fibers, which makes it ecological and sustainable.

How is Valchromat made?

The wood is first stripped then ground. The pieces are then washed to remove the impurities and ground very finely. Inject then the organic dye. Then, de the glue is applied to obtain a mixture homogeneous. The fibers are sized and dyed. The next step is to spread the material over a apron giant to form a mattress. You have finally a piece of wood ! The wood is then pressed at 140 degrees Celsius. Be careful of your hands, it is very hot in here. The panels coming out of the press are finally cooled. The panels are finally cut and stacked before being calibrated. And here we have our Valchromat!

In in short, Valchromat is a material versatile and durable which offers a appearance natural and vibrant colors for decorative applications and functional.

There you go! So, our mini Pegbaord seduces you? Do not hesitate to take a look at our site to discover the Quark color palette!

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