The Kraft roller holder for Pegboard

Le porte rouleau Kraft pour Pegboard - Quark

If you are thinking about your next appointment and you need to write it down , or if you are looking for a practical tool that allows you to write down your shopping list and you are looking for a piece of paper for hours in your office, then you need Quark! With the Kraft Pegboard Roll Holder , it's as easy as pie. In your living room, your kitchen or even your office, this tool will allow you to always have something to note at hand.

A tool at the service of your creation

It is also an essential if you are a fan of creative and craft activities. This gives character to your workspace while being a useful and practical tool. The kraft roll holder is a pretty fun product, because you just have to put the kraft roll on it and as soon as you need it, cut it to the length of your choice and scribble something. When it's finished you put another one on and that's it. Having a kraft roll at home almost gives you ideas, you don't have to wait before writing or drawing, you can do it directly. He invites you and encourages you to create!

The Pegboard invites you to create

This is a product that your children might also like because there is a really fun side to unrolling the paper or even drawing directly on the paper. We unroll the paper , a small piece of paste to attach to the end of the unrolled paper and you have created a wall to draw. This could occupy more than one ;) In short, the kraft roll holder is an easy to install, simple to use and intuitive tool. That’s what makes it so charming!

The darling of wall shelves: the Pegboard

Wall shelves have been a real trend for several years. And for good reason ! Practical and aesthetic, they allow you to store your care products, makeup or even place your decoration. They are perfect for dressing up your walls and saving space. Among its storage solutions, the Pegboard stands out. With its raw and modern look , it fits perfectly into the current trend. The Pegboard brings you a touch of originality. This pegboard is a board with regularly spaced holes . The holes are used to accommodate dowels, hooks, wooden pins and also shelves . These elements will allow you to arrange various objects. This is ideal for creating new spaces in your interior. Tea palace or jewelry holder, it's up to you!

With Quark , we find the Pegboard to be an extraordinary object. Yes, quite simply. And now we want to share all the possibilities of the Pegboard with you. When you look at a board with holes, you quickly realize that you can find an infinite number of combinations! The great thing about the Pegboard is that everything is possible. You can hang a wide variety of accessories on it.

Pegboard wall shelf

Learn a little more about Kraft paper

Indeed, kraft paper is a paper that has many qualities. Kraft paper is a type of paper made from unbleached wood, usually pine or fir wood pulp. It is known for its resistance to tearing even when wet. This is why it is often used for packaging, bags, crates, boxes, drawing papers, etc.

There are several types of kraft paper based on density, weight and texture, each with specific uses. For example, lightweight kraft paper is often used for shopping bags, while thicker kraft paper is used for heavy or bulky product packaging. It is also considered an eco-friendly material because it is made from natural wood and is recyclable and biodegradable. It is often used for eco-friendly or sustainable packaging.

Note that kraft paper can be made from wood from responsibly managed forests, so if you are looking for ecological kraft paper you can check the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certifications. ) to ensure its sustainable origin. At Quark it is important for us to have good products that are thought out and designed responsibly.

In addition to being durable and responsible, it is economical. This paper allows you to work peacefully if you are handling water or coffee. Or even if you have children who like to try new things! No more accidents with the Kraft Pegboard roll holder . For those who would like to become kraft paper experts, here is a very interesting article to learn everything about this paper :)

The kraft roll holder for Pegboard, a real Swiss army knife

In addition to being a creative accessory, it is also an accessory that can have multiple uses . Since it is dismountable, you can choose different size variations that allow you to adapt its uses.

For example, you can also use it as a kraft roll holder for your Pegboard. Many clients have a Pegboard in their office or work and creative space. And the kraft roll in a work or creation space is very effective. More than taking out a sheet of paper, we really take what we need! There is even a little ecological side ;)

You can also use it in your kitchen with paper towels, baking paper or even aluminum. And even in your toilet 😄. This will give you an original decoration in addition to being practical.

It's up to you to choose, imagine and create the interior that suits you!

It can also be very practical in a shop or workshop . No need to search for hours for your roll to wrap gifts or products. It's right at your fingertips. The roll holder can also be used to display various products such as small oilcloths and even gift wrap. In short, it will be a real ally in your interior.

Wall roller holderPaper towel roll holderToilet paper roll holder

An ideal support for children

The kraft roll holder for Pegboard is an ideal support for children. If you want to provide your children with a kraft roll, you have the ideal tool at your disposal. Do your children want to color? Do your children want to play with colored pencils? Quark has a solution for you! The kraft roll holder is an easy-to-use object that your children will be happy to handle! In addition to that, it's easy and effective for parents and children alike :) It gives objects and walls a boost! Several lives and several uses to take advantage of all the space. We sometimes have to use special stratagems to be able to please our children while saving space and not causing chaos in the house. Thanks to this system, it's tidy, but fun guaranteed.

Your children will love being able to be the masters of tidying up for a moment. And be able to manipulate their own workspace. This pushes them to be more independent and gain self-confidence! It is very important to give your children space to create. Pegboarding is free ! This gives them more confidence to achieve things on their own. This allows them to achieve like little adults and they love it! And you too ;)

You just have to install the support put your Kraft roll and off you go! It's accessible to everyone, no need to have any particular talent or know how to assemble furniture to perfection. And that is priceless !

Why use a Kraft roll holder for Pegboard?

The kraft roll holder for Pegboards makes it easy to store and organize your office space. You can also use it in your kitchen or any other play space. You can attach a kraft roll as well as other similar materials! If you want to store paper towels in your kitchen, this is entirely possible! This kraft roll holder is an easy and effective solution for tidying up your desk. The Pegboard is a really practical tool for tidying up your space. It's a wall shelf but it's also a product display stand. You can store your spices on this Pegboard and install your Kraft roll right next to it. This makes easy access convenient and quick!

The roll holder is also a very good display. To do a Christmas gift workshop with the whole family. Or even with the children! This can also be used in the kitchen or in your workshop to place rollers. And it's easy to use, the rollers no longer drag on the ground, it's quick and practical! It’s typically Quark 😂

It’s as simple as it is practical and aesthetic! Combining it with kraft paper encourages you to consume better paper, more respectful of the environment. And only consume what you need and we think that’s great 👍

In short, it's a Quark accessory to adopt immediately if you want to simplify your daily life, with an aesthetic, fun and easy-to-use accessory! So you adopt it?

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