The Quark Wall-Mounted Bike Rack: A Revolution for Cyclists and Design Lovers!

Le Porte Vélo Mural Quark : Une Révolution pour les Cyclistes et les Amoureux du Design ! - Quark

Welcome, dear Quarkos 🌟! Today we have something extraordinary to share with you. Prepare to be dazzled by our brand new Wall Bike Rack 🚲, a perfect fusion of design, functionality and passion for cycling .

A Victoire Cycle bike in the Cartel store

A Stellar Collaboration with Victoire Cycle 🤝

We are delighted to announce that this product was born from a collaboration with Victoire-Cycle 🇫🇷, a French brand of custom bicycles based in Clermont-Ferrand. Victoire Cycle is known for its commitment to quality, craftsmanship and innovation 💡, values ​​that resonate deeply with us at Quark.

Velo Victoire Cycle at the inauguration of Cartel

Unique Features of the Wall Mounted Bike Rack 🌈

Our Wall Mounted Bike Rack grabs every bike, from the skinny racer to the bold fixie, and proudly displays them horizontally. Two adjustable arms embrace various frames, ensuring a perfect fit. Then, noble materials come into play: robust beech 🌳 combines with durable PLA. This alliance guarantees solidity and longevity 💪 . Thus, each Quark Bike Rack becomes a guarantee of quality for your space.

The Love of Cycling: More than a Sport, a Passion to Share ❤️

At Quark we believe that cycling is not just a means of transport or a simple hobby . It's a passion, a lifestyle, and for many, a true quest for freedom and excellence 🌟. Cycling is the smell of asphalt in the early morning, the breeze that caresses your face during a descent, and that indescribable feeling when you reach a new peak 🏔️ , literally and metaphorically. This is why we designed our Wall Bike Rack not only as a functional object but also as a showcase for your passion . A way to share your love of cycling, sport and a taste for effort 💖 with everyone who walks through your door. Because a bike is not only made to be ridden, it is also made to be admired and celebrated 🎉.

Cartel Café - Clermont Ferrand

Ready to install a wall-mounted bike rack?

If you're a cycling enthusiast, you know that every detail counts. From the choice of frame to the quality of the pedals, each element contributes to your overall experience. So why not give your bike the place of honor it deserves? Our Wall Bike Rack is more than just an accessory; it’s a declaration of love to the world of cycling. 🚴‍♀️

Zoom on a Quark bike rack

Functional Elegance at Home: The Quark Bike Rack

In modern living where every square centimeter counts, the Quark Bike Rack stands out as an ingenious solution. It brings a touch of functional elegance to your interior. Much more than just an accessory: it transforms your bike into a work of wall art. It celebrates your passion for cycling while optimizing living space. Far from being confined to a utilitarian role, the Quark Bike Rack is a real style statement. It's finally a way to proudly display your frame as an extension of your identity.

For its owner, it offers an enriched daily experience. No more mess and hassle of storing your bike after an urban trip or a rural trip. Your faithful traveling companion is given his own residence, secure and valued. The Quark Bike Rack is not only a space saver, it is also a choice that reflects a dynamic and conscious lifestyle, where respect for the object and love of design intertwine to create a harmonious space. It is therefore the promise of a daily life where functionality and aesthetics combine, inviting serenity and inspiration every time your gaze falls on your suspended two-wheeler.

Focus on the Cycles Victoire bike

We would also like to thank the entire Cartel and Cycles Victoire team. They have sincerely invested in the Wall Bike Rack. Thus, their expertise and passion for cycling are an invaluable source of inspiration for us. 🙏

Zoom on a Victoire Cycles Bike

Finally, we want to point out that all the photos in this article were taken by Cycles Victoire et Cartel. All usage rights therefore belong to them. We are honored to feature their exceptional work on our blog. 📸

Bike Rack for Pegboard by Quark

So, don't wait any longer! Make room in your life for what really matters and give your bike the presentation it deserves. 🌟

🌟 CARTEL Cycles & Café 🌟

📍 12 Place d’Espagne, Clermont-Ferrand, France
Hours of operation
🗓️ Tuesday to Saturday
☕️ Specialty coffee
🕘 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Specialty coffee with Cartel Cycle
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