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Les différents bois proposés par QUARK - Quark

At Quark, we are a passionate team that works with wood. From creation to innovation to perfectionism . Our mission is to offer you the best products for your home . Founded in 2020 in Paris, France. Angèle, Pierre-Axel and Roman offer an original , fun and effective solution to give space to everyday objects. Quark re-enchants your daily life through objects made in Paris and with care, by a team of committed Quarkos!

We mainly manufacture Pegboards which are modular wall storage solutions . But we also manufacture a whole series of accessories to pimp your Pegboard at will.

The choice of wood is crucial in many projects, from building furniture to decorating interiors . Quark, a company specializing in wood solutions, uses a variety of quality woods to meet the needs of its customers.

In this article, we will introduce you to the different types of wood used by Quark . By explaining their distinct characteristics and why we use them. Whether you are new to the world of wood or simply curious to know more, follow us in this exploration of the natural wonders that wood offers.

Small point on the Pegboards

What is a Pegboard

Pegboards , also called pegboards , are practical and versatile wall structures . They are designed to decorate , organize and store different objects such as tools, accessories or supplies. The wooden panel has multiple, evenly spaced holes . These holes allow you to attach hooks, shelves, brackets and other accessories specially designed to fit the Pegboard . Thanks to this configuration, users can easily hang and position their objects in an orderly and visible manner. Thus offering quick , practical and aesthetic access.

Pegboards offer a practical solution for organizing workspaces such as garages, workshops, kitchens or offices. They therefore free up space . By storing items on the wall rather than on cluttered shelves or drawers. Their modular design makes it possible to adjust and customize the layout according to the specific needs of each user.

Therefore, Pegboards make organization and storage easy. They offer a flexible and customizable solution for hanging and positioning various objects. They help keep workspaces clean , tidy and functional .

The woods used for the Pegboards:

Birch plywood 18 mm thick

18mm birch plywood pegboard

18mm thick birch plywood is Quark's preferred material. It is also the most requested for the creation of its Pegboards. Plywood is a type of board that stacks and glues together several thin layers of wood , called veneers. This multi-layered construction gives the plywood great strength.

In addition to its sturdiness, birch plywood offers a smooth and natural finish. Giving the Pegboards a sleek , modern and minimalist look.

Its homogeneous surface allows precise cutting, facilitating the adjustment of hooks and accessories.

This wood is classified as class B , which means that it is considered a fine wood . It is not one of the lightest woods but it is still a very flexible wood. This allows it to adapt to all construction projects . In addition, this material has a certain resistance to humidity. It can be used in a bathroom , for example. On the other hand, it is not recommended to put this wood outside permanently because it risks being damaged.

Pine plywood 18 mm thick

18mm Pine Plywood Pegboard

The 18 mm thick pine plywood is a material of choice also used by Quark for the manufacture of our Pegboards . Plywood is a type of board made up of several thin layers of wood , called veneers, that are stacked and glued together . This multi-layered construction gives the plywood great strength .

Pine is a wood that is both strong and light , it is part of class A , the lightest woods.

This makes it possible to create robust Pegboards while maintaining a certain ease of handling . Its distinctive grain and natural color shades also lend an attractive and warm appearance to the Pegboards. Thus making them aesthetically pleasing . This gives them a rougher side than birch plywood which will look smoother and clearer.

With a thickness of 18 mm, the pine plywood offers a solid and resistant base for the Pegboards. This thickness ensures optimal stability . This allows the Pegboards to easily support the weight of various objects , such as tools, office accessories or kitchen utensils.

In addition to its strength and stability, pine plywood is also a durable material . Pine has a natural resistance to rot and insects . This extends the life of the Pegboards.

The Valchromat

The valchromat

Valchromat is a high density fiberboard material impregnated with colored resin. Unlike traditional wood fiber panels, Valchromat has a uniform and intense color throughout its thickness. This gives it an attractive aesthetic appearance.

Valchromat is valued for its versatility and superior performance . It is available in a wide range of colors , which makes it suitable for different styles and projects . It also offers great resistance to impact , wear and humidity , making it an ideal choice for applications requiring increased durability.

In addition to its robust physical properties , Valchromat can be easily machined and processed . It can be cut, engraved, countersunk and perforated as required, providing great freedom of design . This makes it a popular material for designers , architects and craftsmen looking for innovative and creative solutions.

If you want to know more about valchromat, do not hesitate to consult our article on valchromat.

18mm OSB

OSB pegboard

OSB , also known as Oriented Strand Board, is a type of oriented strand board. It is made up of several strips of wood arranged in successive layers . The lamellae are compressed and glued in the same direction using a synthetic resin and wax , hence the term "oriented".

Its high density and cross-layered composition allow it to withstand heavy loads and maintain its shape and stability under varying conditions. This makes it an ideal material for floors , walls , roofs and other structural applications .

It is a material made up of several layers of compressed and firmly glued wooden strips . This structure gives it properties similar to those of solid wood, which explains its widespread use in the fields of interior decoration and construction.


Laminated pegboard

Laminate is a flooring or surfacing material widely used in construction and interior design projects . It is composed of several layers , including a layer of melamine resin , a decorative layer imitating various materials such as wood , stone or tiles , and a transparent protective layer.

Laminate has many advantages . First of all, it is valued for its durability and wear resistance . The top protective layer provides excellent scratch , stain and abrasion resistance, making it an ideal choice for high traffic areas, such as hallways, living rooms and kitchens. In addition, laminate is easy to maintain and requires little effort to clean.

Another attractive feature of laminate is its resistance to fading caused by sunlight . Thanks to its protective layer , it retains its color and aesthetic appearance for many years, even in areas exposed to direct sunlight.

The visual benefit of wood laminate is that it achieves the charm and beauty of natural wood , while providing superior durability and ease of maintenance . Additionally, wood laminate is often less expensive than solid wood , making it a popular choice for furniture construction and interior design.

The wood used for the accessories:

Solid Beech

solid beech shelf

Solid beech is a premium wood often used for making accessories and furniture pieces . It stands out for its natural beauty and durability , making it an ideal choice for accessories to attach to Pegboards. Beech is renowned for its strength and stability , which means it retains its shape and dimensions over time. This makes it a reliable material for props that need to support light to moderate loads.

In addition, beech is easy to work , which makes it possible to produce custom-made pieces with precision.

Besides its mechanical properties, solid beech also offers an attractive aesthetic . It has a fine and regular texture , with color variations ranging from gray-white to a pale pink, sometimes with a reddish tinge at the heart. It is characterized by its hardness and finely grained texture , with a straight grain and a homogeneous structure. When cut into wedges, beech has a slightly flamed appearance with delicate veining. In addition, it does not produce splinters , which makes it pleasant to handle.

This natural color palette brings warmth and timeless elegance to solid beech wood accessories.

In terms of maintenance, solid beech is relatively easy to maintain. Regular dusting and wiping with a damp cloth is usually enough to keep it clean.

In conclusion

In conclusion, Quark is a passionate company dedicated to providing products for your home. Our product range, including Pegboards and wooden accessories, reflects our commitment to quality, innovation and aesthetics.

With carefully selected materials such as birch and pine plywood, Valchromat, OSB and solid beech.

Quark creates practical and customizable storage solutions that bring a touch of style to your space . Our playful and creative approach to organization allows you to reinvent your daily life while maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic . Whether you're looking to organize your garage, kitchen, office, or any other space, Quark offers quality products made with care in Paris, France. Do not hesitate to go and discover our site or how Quark can help you re-enchant your interior and enhance your objects in a unique way.

You are now a fine connoisseur of all the woods used by Quark, I hope that this blog article has you more I tell you next week the Quarkos!

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