Marble courses for children

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Timeless and universal , in the playground or at home. The marble runs for children are a wonderful companion to the games of young and old . It's the perfect high-speed building and racing game for the whole family. But it's also an infinite obstacle course. It is the field of expression that gives free rein to inventiveness , imagination and fun .

3D printed marble course

The marble run for children: a game that crosses generations

Marbles are one of the oldest games in human history . The origin of the game of marbles remains unknown. Clay balls have been discovered in Egyptian tombs dating from the beginning of the 3rd millennium but it is difficult to make a link with the game. These first appearances seem to date from Ancient Greece . At that time, the logs were in the ground. Later, between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance , the marble became a craft object made of glass . But it could also be found in wood or even metal . It is called gobille . In the 15th century, the first rules of games appeared.

Marbles at the time

An entertainment that crosses the ages without aging and to which we all still give today, the same pleasure for generations. There is reason to be jealous!

It may be a bit boring, but I'm sure you can bring out this knowledge over dinner, guaranteed!

The marble run for children: an ideal game for fine motor skills

Marble courses for children

If this game has existed and lasted for centuries, it's not for nothing! The children's marble run is an extremely informative and fun game for children . Indeed, despite this somewhat outdated appearance, the marble course is, however, a must. The marble run is a game different from other types of toys which has exceptional qualities. It will allow the child to work on their dexterity and autonomy . He creates , imagines , fails , then starts again . Your child experiences his first successes as well as his first failures.

Children and concentration

It is a work of skill and perseverance . He moves at his own pace and corrects himself. It's an excellent way to give the child confidence , he understands his mistakes and all that without the help of an adult. Away from screens, this also allows him to exercise his concentration , and promotes his imagination . He plays, learns on his own , and makes up his own rules . It's free time! And even if your little one grows, the game evolves with him . Note that it is a modular game, the child can start again endlessly, it is a game which has no end in itself. It can be useful ;)

Furthermore, children's marble runs are also games aimed at young and old alike, creating moments of intergenerational sharing. Marble runs allow children to develop their skills while having fun . As we will have understood, this toy is as much educational as it is fun . To choose the right course, you must ensure that you choose the appropriate ball course. Indeed, it will be necessary to focus in particular on the type of game and its characteristics. The route will not be the same depending on the age of the child .

How to choose the right tour

Above all, you must know the needs and especially the desires of the child. Give way to the creativity that is within him. Here's a little help to help you choose your suitable route.

Choose a marble course suited to your child’s age

It seems obvious not to entrust a marble run to a child who is too small. Indeed, there are many activity marble courses , with larger than average pieces to allow small children to play . But be careful if this is not a course for young children, you should avoid playing marbles. To start the classic marble run, the ideal age for a child is around 5 years old . At this age there is less risk of ingestion of parts.

The different types of marble runs for children

Quark marble run

There are two types of marble course models. On the one hand, the marble courses for children are called gravity courses where the child must climb the course and bring the marbles down with all gravity . And on the other hand, games of skill where you have to create a course and cross the balls . This happens more on the ground with a domino system for example. Both games are interesting, but one will develop creativity more , while the other will develop dexterity more . The choice is yours, let’s get creative!

The children's marble run comes to Quark

Quark marble run on pegboard

And yes, at Quark, we also find marble runs for children ! For young and old alike. We offer a marble course for pegboards , where you can defy the law of gravity . The originality of this course is that it is hung on the wall via a perforated panel . In the kit we find linear rails, half-turns and impellers. I lost you... It seems complicated like that but don't worry, we'll explain everything to you!

The U-turn

Here is the U-turn. Your ball wanders along the rails, it can jump and take some risks. You will now have to master it. Control your speed and make a U-turn. It’s an inspiring movement to watch. And it is also a practical accessory to control the size of your marble course. Then... Let's face it... It's super stylish.

Marble course on pegboard

The paddle wheel

The paddle wheel is the fun little accessory that gives color and rhythm. You will give a little extra soul to your marble run. This accessory gives you the opportunity to add color to your Quark Ball. You will now pay attention to your construction and you will try to get your marble through increasingly improbable places. All this to see your wheel turn.

The Quark marble run paddle wheel

The whirlwind

You are already fascinated by your paddle wheel. Wait until you discover the whirlwind ! This is an accessory that takes its time. If you choose to pass your marble through a whirlwind it is because you like to observe. Your ball will spin for a few moments then end up falling into the central hole of the piece. We have developed a small accessory to recover the ball below the tourbillon. This last crossing point will allow you to bring the ball back towards the main plane of the course. Nice, right?

The Quark whirlwind for your marble run

The cacade

I saved the best for last! Warning the eyes ! The waterfall is an extreme accessory. I agree that it takes a little time to install the waterfall. But when you discover how it works you will immediately be hooked. The waterfall is a series of paddle wheels . Your ball will move according to the forces exerted on its path. All the water wheels touch each other in the waterfall. So as soon as a ball passes, it triggers numerous mechanisms. It makes a bit of noise so avoid this accessory in the middle of the night. An urgent addition to your children's marble run.

Marbel Run Quark Waterfall

To your Quark-balls

The rule of the game is to imagine your route and then create it . All you have to do is drop the marble which will circulate in the rails and change direction. It's fun thanks to the paddle wheels which punctuate the children's marble courses. And voila ! We offer all our accessories with stainless steel pins , and made from a bioplastic 3D printer. We can then choose colors and mix them. The strength of 3D printing is to produce on demand . So we can cater to your every whim . Do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have a particular request , we will always be available for you Quarkos! So the Quark marble course adapts to all the pegboards that we offer and it is also made in France . 🇫🇷

Made in France and respect for the environment at Quark

But why is it so important? Local production helps reduce the environmental impact of your purchase. In fact, the carbon footprint is smaller when you consume French products . In addition, local production represents unique know-how . France is a country recognized for its historical know-how. In addition, it creates jobs and promotes artisanal and industrial activity in our country. Finally, local production guarantees certain quality . French standards are not strict just to annoy businesses. This is a guarantee of quality for the end customer .

It's time to have fun

Please note that our balls are the usual size and are made of stainless steel. It is therefore recommended for children over 5 years old or with parental supervision. And there you have it, all that's left to do is have fun ! If you or your children enjoy the joys of construction, they will benefit from turning to our models of marble runs for children. To build and assemble while having fun. The Quark course will evolve thanks to the regular release of new accessories. Stay tuned ;)

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