Interior decoration trends (to follow in 2023)

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Like all areas , interior decoration has its good resolutions for the year 2023.

Discover the interior design trends to follow . This year will be the year of personalization and sustainability . Consumers are now looking for unique designs that reflect their personality and lifestyle . More and more people are turning towards more ethical and responsible decoration. And this is of course felt by them. Trends are mainly focused on a personalized living space, respectful of the environment and of course comfortable and welcoming.

Natural colors

Decoration natural colors

First, we will find the natural colors. Brown, beige, taupe… In short , sober colors that give a minimalist touch to your interior and above all: they are timeless colors. But we also find warm browns , leafy greens , soft grays and off-whites . Timeless pieces that are perfect for creating a soft and soothing space. You can also opt for deeper tones which will give sophistication to your interior.

This trend is not new, which makes it a timeless trend!

For versatile decoration natural colors

They are also very popular in interior decoration because of their versatility . They can be used in all styles of decoration , from rustic to contemporary style . Neutral tones such as beiges, grays and off-whites are basic colors for calm, uncluttered living spaces.

Decorators can also use natural colors to create interesting contrasts in decor . Darker colors, like warm browns and deep greens , can be used to add depth and interest to a room. Lighter tones , like soft blues and pastel greens , are perfect for creating a soft, calming atmosphere.

Natural colors can also be used to create a specific decorating theme . For example, if you want to create a beach-inspired living space , you can use aquatic blues and greens to evoke the sea and sand dunes . If you want to create a forest ambiance, foliage greens and earthy browns can be used to evoke trees and undergrowth.

Finally, natural colors are often used in combination with natural materials such as wood, stone and natural fibers. These materials bring additional texture and depth to the living space. Natural colors and natural materials combine perfectly to create a soothing and harmonious atmosphere in your interior .

We offer a wide choice of colors in our Pegboards and accessories. 

Decoration neutral colors

The return of the 70s, retro interior decoration 70s decoration

We also find the 70s which are making a comeback in 2023 . The choices of colors, patterns, textures and decorative accessories reflect a relaxed lifestyle and carefree attitude characteristic of this era.

The dominant colors in the 70s were brown, orange , yellow and olive green . Warm, earthy colors are making a comeback in modern interiors and decorators can use them to add warmth and coziness to a room.

Retro designs, such as floral designs and geometric designs, are also very popular for interior design trends in 2023. You can use these designs on upholstery, rugs, wallpapers, cushions and decorative accessories to add a touch of vintage to your interior.

Textures are also a key part of the 70s interior design trend . Shaggy rugs, macrame cushions, wicker baskets and rattan pendant lights are examples of textures you can use to give your interior a warm, bohemian vibe.

Accessories: the key to a successful decoration

70s interior

Boho style decorative accessories, such as dream catchers, wall hangings, houseplants and paper lanterns, are also very popular in 70s interior design trends. These accessories can be used to create a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere in your interior.

In summary, the return of the 70s in interior design trends in 2023 emphasizes warm, earthy colors, retro patterns, cozy textures and bohemian accessories. This trend allows you to bring a touch of vintage and conviviality to your interior , while creating a relaxed and bohemian atmosphere.

The minimalism trend minimalist interior

Minimalism has always been an interior design trend. In 2023, this trend will continue, but with a touch of personality. Decorators fill minimalist spaces with unique objects and artwork . Colors and textures will be simple, but chosen with care.

The minimalist trend in interior design is a design approach that focuses on simplicity , cleanliness , and functionality . It is characterized by a refined design , a neutral color palette and the use of natural materials .

Minimalism in interior design focuses its attention on creating a calming and refined environment , where each object finds its place and where space is optimized to maximize comfort and functionality. The minimalist style favors neutral colors like white, gray and beige, which helps create a bright and calming environment . Decorators often use light colors like white and soft textures to bring a touch of warmth and comfort to walls.

Minimalist furniture is often characterized by the use of clean lines , simple shapes , and natural materials . Such as wood , leather and metal . Decorators choose functional and practical pieces that meet the needs of everyday life while being visually appealing.

In a minimalist decoration , each object must have its place . Decorators carefully organize spaces to create a feeling of calm and serenity . They keep accessories to a minimum and choose those that are both useful and beautiful . And they can also use green plants to add color and life to the space in your interior.

A timeless trend minimalist pegboard decor

In summary, the minimalist trend in interior design emphasizes simplicity, functionality and cleanliness . This trend is perfect for those looking to create a peaceful and calming environment , while maximizing space and creating a welcoming ambiance . The minimalist style is timeless and suitable for all types of interiors, from the smallest to the largest.

We are big fans of this trend! If you know Quark you probably know it ;) We offer modular storage systems that are part of this minimalist and refined trend . Enough to decorate your interior with a refined design that makes a big impact.

Sustainability, a responsible trend sustainable decoration

Sustainability will be a major concern in 2023. Consumers will be more attentive to the provenance of materials used in decorating their homes . The sustainability trend in interior design is becoming more and more popular these days. More and more people are looking to decorate their interiors in an ecological way , choosing materials and products that respect the environment.

Sustainability in interior design focuses on reducing the environmental impact of decorating choices. This may include using recycled materials , choosing sustainable products and reducing energy consumption.

Sustainable materials include recycled wood , bamboo , linen , hemp and organic cotton . These materials are durable and environmentally friendly. They are often used to make furniture, upholstery and decorative accessories.

For further...

trendy interior sustainable decoration

Sustainable products include LED lighting , energy-efficient home appliances. But also sustainable wood flooring and water-based paints and glues . These products are designed to reduce energy consumption and minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainability in interior design also involves choosing locally made products and materials . This helps reduce transport costs and supports the local economy . Shopping second-hand and repurposing furniture and accessories can also be a great option . This reduces the environmental impact of interior decoration.

Finally, sustainability in interior design also includes how decoration can affect indoor air quality. It is important to choose products and materials that do not release harmful chemicals into the air. Such as VOC-free paints and natural upholstery. At Quark, we offer colored valchromat Pegboards which are guaranteed VOC-free. Pegboard valchromat

To sum up

The sustainability trend in interior design involves choosing environmentally friendly materials and products. But also to minimize energy consumption and reduce the environmental impact of decoration. This trend is important to protect the environment and improve indoor air quality. While creating an aesthetic and functional interior.

And there you have it, you are now a real decorating ace! Now all you have to do is find the right trendy pieces that you like ! And give a touch of novelty to your interior. If you liked all these trends then you will love the Quark universe ! Do not hesitate to take a look at our site. And even come visit our workshop in Paris if you wish! See you soon !

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