Met Deco #14: an interior in its image, Ninon Petras studio

Rencontré Déco #14 : un intérieur à son image, Ninon Petras studio - Quark

Quark continues its encounters! Find out how Ninon Petras studio furnished his apartment. She gives you all her tips to create an interior in your image.

Can you introduce yourself and why do you share your interior in your image?

My name is Ninon. I'm a fashion art director for a company that designs clothing for law enforcement. We also have a ready-to-wear brand for men. I'm a content creator on YouTube. I opened my channel 6 months ago. Her name is Ninon Petras studio. I created this chain following the development in my current apartment. I wanted to share my passion for decoration and layout. I am a very creative person, I like to have an interior in my image. For 6 years, I have been working in fashion. I want to stay in a creative universe while giving advice.

We live in Bagnolet with my companion, near Paris. We have about fifty m2 and a terrace of 10 m2. It's not a tiny surface. But we are two inside. This is why we had to redefine the uses of each room. We had to adapt and find solutions, particularly with teleworking. We created an environment that resembles us both, we wanted an interior in our image. This is also what is important when moving in: taking into account the needs and desires of all the residents. This is what we have tried to do by decorating and furnishing the apartment.

Why did you decide to create a Youtube channel on storage and well-being?

I have always been interested in storage. Decoration is my first passion. I consider that these are two very related subjects. I reflect on these themes in my work, in fashion or decoration. I value the clothes as much as the interior design. I can notice that we have the same problems in store and at home. I mainly talk about decoration and trends. But I also have a lot of videos that are oriented on tips for optimizing small spaces and creating an interior in its image. I approach the second hand, the reasoned purchases, the vintage and the occasion. I think these are relevant topics in the current context.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​sharing the well-being of decoration?

I have always sought to share my knowledge and my passions. I've been writing blog posts for about ten years. Video is a new challenge for me. I would like to gain skills in this field and create a community. I'm happy, it's starting to work. I have very good feedback!

We can find sources of information about storage and organization on the Internet. But, I believe that video is an interesting format, which makes it possible to visualize and put into images concepts. Decoration is something very visual. I think words are not enough to explain something. I like to show inspirations and examples that I can find. This way, it's much more understandable and meaningful for the people listening to me. Video is more immersive.

How did you feel during the set-up?

When we moved in, the apartment was completely empty. The kitchen was not yet designed. For each room, I mixed atmospheres, styles, materials, textures and colors that we liked. We also studied the uses we were going to have in the apartment. I knew which room we were going to use more and where we were going to work. We don't usually eat in the kitchen. We eat in the living room. It is important to know this in advance to define the choice of furniture and layout. I recommend this in my videos : redefining the needs and uses we have for each room. This is how we can optimize our layout and adapt it to our lifestyle. It is necessary to adapt the interior to its image.

Where should you start when you want to rearrange your space?

When the space is already furnished, it is necessary to define what is suitable and what is not. It is also necessary to define what does not please or does not work with us. Then we redefine the uses we have of all the pieces. The apartment or the house must adapt to our lifestyle and not the other way around. We must not submit to the arrangement of things. Choices should be guided by the lifestyle we have. The circulation of energies in the apartment is important. Care must be taken to leave passageways.

Once all this phase of research and putting into words about what we want to do is done, we must try to find an inspirational visual . We have to take the time to look for photos, put them together and see what matches in terms of color. It's easier to project yourself that way.

Where do you look for your ideas and inspirations?

I'm quite creative. I always search for new inspirations on the Internet. I am always on the lookout for novelties in terms of design. I also subscribe to decorating magazines. This allows me to be up to date on trends. I attend a lot of conferences on design and fashion thanks to my job. It inspires me and gives me ideas for content. I recommend staying open-minded, being curious, and being bold. I recommend daring to make atypical choices and trying to take risks.

In your opinion, what is the first thing to do when you want to rearrange your space?

We have to start piece by piece. We must study the uses we have in each room and each place. We have to ask ourselves what are we doing in each room, how much time we spend there, what place we cross the most. In this way, we can come to optimize and realize which furniture is bulky. Before even thinking about buying new things, you have to prioritize. We ask ourselves what we already have and how we can optimize them.

How was this process?

I show in my videos the shortened version: the process of creating the decoration. Then, I show the layout and the purpose. These are fairly long processes. I decorate the apartment for me. So I take the time to do it . It is not a contract with a client, there is no due date. Things are done gradually according to what I find. I buy a lot of second hand. Creation depends on what I find.

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Interview by Imane Charkaoui

Formatting by Coralie Mottu

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