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Meet Popee: Eco-responsible toilet paper and tissues

With Quark we offer planet-friendly wall decoration thanks to our Pegbords in wood from sustainably managed forests. Thus, we respect our forests and biodiversity. Wood is very present in our interiors through our decoration and our furniture, but did you know that your passages to the throne and your seasonal colds can be responsible for deforestation?

Well yes, and these single-use papers have a considerable ecological impact. According to the WorldWatch Institute, 270,000 trees are felled every day for the production of paper. In 2017, the NGO Greenpeace even accused the world leader of the PQ, which notably owns a famous brand, of participating in the destruction of vital regions for the planet in the boreal forests of the Far North!

Popee et Quark

So what do we do?! Do we stop wiping our butt and nose to live without toilet paper or tissues? No: there is instead a sustainable alternative, without radically disrupting our daily lives: Popee toilet paper !

Toilet paper and single-use, therefore hygienic tissues

Some will say, with very valid arguments, that it is better to avoid disposables and opt for a toilet spray, toilet paper or washable cotton handkerchiefs. This is debatable: in addition to the organization and the additional mental load, the hand shower and the washing machine consume a lot of water. In addition, washing, to be hygienic, requires running machines very regularly at high temperatures (60 degrees minimum). So it's very energy intensive.

Furthermore, these two methods are strongly not recommended in homes where young children live, because they can, if poorly controlled, lead to the proliferation of bacteria in the family.

Popee - Made in France

Recycled paper that doesn't cut trees

The solution to leave our forests alone?! Recycled paper! Popee uses paper from the office baskets of French companies: old balance sheets and other documents of all kinds! Once recovered from the companies, these recycled papers are sorted to keep only the weakest inked ones, then cleaned to make a paper pulp that complies with Ecolabel requirements.

The good news with the Popee papers? Come on, we give it to you in a few figures. A ton of recycled paper at Popee is:

  • 17 trees saved
  • 300 kg less CO2 in the atmosphere
  • 2 times less energy consumed
  • 20 times less water consumed
Popee - Un engagement de qualité

French paper and made in France

Toilet paper and Popee facial tissue are made from a French raw material but they are also 100% made in France! They are thus labeled Origine France Garantie. Their box of tissues is even the only one on the market to have this label.

Popee does not just work with companies located in France, but it is also committed to handpicking its industrial and logistics partners, in order to guarantee a chain of sustainable production that respects the work of all those who contribute to the life of the company:

  • The printer is a small family business in Cotentin
  • The cardboard makers use locally recycled materials. They are located in Cotentin and Loiret
  • The Norman logistician uses CDIs contracts for preparations, unlike precarious jobs which would not guarantee a tenable situation for its employees.

Paper without harmful products

The problem with most everyday papers is that they contain chlorine, dyes, bleaches, perfume, etc. These chemical substances are at the origin of the weakening of the epidermis, which can ultimately promote the appearance of fungal infections and other hemorrhoids, particularly in men. Most of the components of industrial perfumes are petrochemical: benzene, phthalates...

Until then, we are therefore in a good position to switch to recycled for our toilet paper rolls. But what about the health of our behinds? Is it dangerous to use paper from office wastebaskets to make sheets in contact with our most intimate parts?

The answer is no: Popee papers are guaranteed without any toxicity for the skin, in particular through the health safety of the Ecolabel. In addition, the original raw material was white company paper, no need to add a lot of junk to achieve a finished product: the startup does not use chlorine, no dye, no bleach, no perfume! No more endocrine disruptors!

A delivery and subscription service

Popee products are mainly sold on their website www. popee. co.

They come in recyclable packaging:

  • A plastic-free, recycled and recyclable cardboard box for tissues
  • A hygienic film 5 times thinner than the traditional plastics you can find in supermarkets for toilet paper
  • All in a cute Popee box, recycled and recyclable of course

You can buy them individually and even subscribe without obligation to automatically receive your daily papers and never run out : finished the anguish of the last leaf!

A social commitment: Emmaus

Popee also wants to give a broader meaning to its entrepreneurial activity born a year and a half ago. This is why part of its margin is donated to Emmaüs, in the form of pallets of toilet paper rolls from the brand. Local communities created by Abbé Pierre therefore benefit from this quality daily product, respectful of the buttocks and the planet!

Why Emmaus? An undeniably growing problem in France is poverty. The cases unfortunately number in the millions, particularly since the crisis and they are now accentuated by the pandemic. Beyond the impact of Emmaüs, Audrey the founder of Popee took into account the values ​​of the association when making her choice. At Emmaus, each community is indebted to everyone for working 40 to 45 hours a week to help others. Fed, housed, bleached yes, but by contributing each to the aid of the other. In other words, there is an undeniable presence of the notion of reciprocity and mutual benefit in Emmaüs, which we also find in Popee!

Quark et Popee pour un monde plus sympa

A nice mascot and humor

Ecology and social issues are serious subjects, so a little levity doesn't hurt to play down the drama! So here are some funny anecdotes:

  • Popee comes from popo and pee, it's pronounced "Popi"
  • The logo Popee is a chick because, according to Gargantua de Rabelais, “there is no better ass-torch than a fluffy gosling » !
Popee répond à vos questions

In short, we are fans of their brand which makes life easier for those who do not take the small daily gestures lightly. In particular, we love their box of tissues. Discreet, it blends perfectly into our decor! What do you think of this cute handy box on our Pegboards?

Small gestures, big impact we tell you! Slogan and humor of Popee to find on their social networks Facebook, Instagram , Twitter and LinkedIn.

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