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Saisissez l'Instant Présent : Les Montres Maman Sont au Rendez-vous - Quark

We have some great news to share with you. We have developed a new accessory for Le Pegboard and we wanted to share it with you. This is the Pegboard Watch Holder . The perfect accessory for storing your everyday watch, or even your watches of the week. Yes, I may be talking about Neurchi of watches that wander around the web 😉.

I will take advantage of this blog article to slip in a little historical quote about time:

Yesterday is behind, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift. That's why we call it the present

Kung Fu Panda

Watch Holder with Chez Maman by Quark

Meet at Mom's

We contacted the watch brand Chez Maman . I invite you to discover their collection on their Instagram account @chezmaman . The team has a store in Paris, at 4 Rue Tiquetonne, 75002 Paris . You can call them on 01 42 36 50 15 if you need information. It’s a golden team ! Open and accessible.

Chez Maman Watch - on Pegboard by Quark

Chez Maman is a brand established in Paris for around ten years. Chez Maman is developing a range of watches with varied inspirations. We took advantage of the release of our Watch Holder to borrow a few models and take photos on our Pegboards. What do you think of the result?

Be on time with a Pegboard

A new collection

Chez Maman is launching a new collection. They are not yet online, but as soon as the collection is available, we will keep you informed. This is the Twin from Chez Maman Timepieces. We hit it off with this retro design which reminds us of the influence of Casio watches. These watches have gone down in history, which thrill teenagers and fifty-year-olds alike .

Personally, I like the analog and digital mix on the dial. This makes me feel how inseparable digital technology is from the world in which we live. But I find through the needles a sensation of flow, closer to an organic phenomenon than a digital one.

New Collection Watch Chez Maman with Quark

Wall Watch Holder

With Quark, we are committed to developing useful and simple accessories so that you can easily organize and tidy your interior.

We developed the Wall Watch Holder based on a simple observation. Where can we store our watches so as not to expose them to the risk of falling? Without putting them away in their box, at the bottom of a cupboard?

The Watch Support is a response to this situation. When you come home, or when you go to bed, you can now detach your watch, install it on its 3D Printed support, then attach it to your wall shelf. Your watch is protected from falls on its Pegboard.

Chez Maman - Watch Holder

Exhibit your collection

We think that the Porte Montre can help you choose your watch of the day! For those who have a watch collection, this is an accessory that you can install in quantity on your Pegboard. This way you will be able to display your watch collection. I hope this will help you choose and that you won't hesitate for too long in front of this collection that is close to your heart 😄.
Watch Holder by Quark

3D printing for a local factory

At Quark, we manufacture all our products in France , in our workshop. We work in wood machining but also 3D printing. The Watch Holder is a product made in France, with 3D printing. This local manufacturing technique allows us to maintain production in small series, with a high level of precision while maintaining a wide range of customization.

If the diameter of the Watch Holder seems too large or too small to you, you write us an email and we will modify this parameter before launching the production of your part.

3D printing also allows us to offer a wide range of colors for your Watch Holder .

Do you want an orange product that will sparkle? We are there! Conversely, you want to favor discretion and a form of minimalism: we are always present.

Watch Holder By Quark

Your appointment is fixed

I hope you enjoyed this collaboration with Chez Maman! If you had a good time with us and if you now know a little more about Quark and its philosophy, don't hesitate to share this article with those around you! It’s clearly word of mouth that makes us grow every day.

And now, if you are looking for a solution to store your watch , you know that The Pegboard by Quark is there 😉.

Pegboard Watch Holder

Do not hesitate to visit our online store to discover our entire collection. We can be reached by email or by telephone via our contact page to answer all your questions.

We are always happy to answer you. It is also thanks to your needs and your feedback that we are developing our collection of accessories!

See you soon

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