What is Valchromat: revolution in the world of decoration for 30 years

Qu'est-ce que le Valchromat : révolution dans le monde de la décoration depuis 30 ans - Quark

As you know, at Quark we manufacture Pegboards . And at Quark we love color! There are many materials for making Pegboards . Most are plastic. Some Pegboard models therefore use a thin layer of metal. At Quark we choose to manufacture wooden Pegboards . But first of all , what is Valchromat?

Valchromat Blue

What is Valchromat?

Nature and Jungle in the world of decoration

Wood is a durable and efficient material. Thus a wooden Pegboard resists wear over time, the vagaries of everyday life, and will be easily recyclable. We want to offer you a Pegboard that will last a long time. For this, in addition to our Birch plywood Pegboards , we have selected a particular and colorful wood, this is Valchromat . But what is Valchromat ? Let's discover together the many advantages of this material which has been around for 30 years .

Library in Valchromat
Project by Olivier Vernhettes to discover on L’Air du Bois

Panel dimensions and thicknesses

Valchromat is a mass-colored fiberboard, known for its superior strength and versatility compared to standard MDF. It is available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 8mm to 30mm. Valchromat offers considerable flexibility for any interior design, furniture or architectural project. Its common dimensions include panels up to 3660 x 1220 mm. This allows designers and craftsmen to create tailor-made creations with a unique aesthetic and remarkable durability.

The standard dimensions of Valchromat

  • 2440x1220mm
  • 2440x1830mm
  • 3660x1220mm
  • 3660x2440mm

Valchromat always colorful

So what is Valchromat ? It is a material which is made up of wooden fibrous panels . It is part of the MDF family: Medium Density Fiberboard. The valchromat is therefore dyed in the mass with natural dyes and a specific resin. The resin which constitutes the valchromat allows it to obtain a homogeneous and uniform color. There are many color references in the Valchromat range.

Valchromat Yellow - MDF

Of Portuguese origin, this material was discovered in the 1990s by the research department of the production unit of the company Valbopan SA. The department's project was to develop innovative wood-based products. So it’s a real success for this company. Valchromat is now one of the most used materials in the world of design and carpentry.

How is Valchromat made?

Valchromat is made from maritime pine, also called Pinheiro-Bravo, in the Leiria region of Portugal. Initially, the wood peels and then shreds. The pieces are then washed to remove all impurities, then defibrated very finely. Organic dyes are then injected. Then we apply glue to obtain a homogeneous mixture. The fibers are sized and dyed. The next step is to spread the material on a huge apron to form a mattress. You finally have a piece of wood! This piece of wood is then pressed at 140° Celsius. Watch your hands, it's very hot around here. The panels are finally cooled as they exit the press. The panels are finally cut and stacked before being calibrated. So what is Valchromat? A recomposed material!

Pegboard: make it

What is Valchromat: its properties

It is a moisture-resistant material, and it can also be fire-retardant, Valchromat has greater internal cohesion. This property gives it mechanical resistance greater than standard MDF, up to 30%. It is therefore a very resistant material! It is perfect for making a Pegboard .

Denser than MDF, Valchromat can therefore be worked in thinner thicknesses. Less abrasive for tools thanks to its washed fibers, it therefore requires less finishing effort and has greater resistance to bending and traction.

Pegboard and Valchromat: the meeting

Above all, the Valchromat manufacturing process is considered non-toxic for both health and the environment . This is another positive point for Quark. And this justifies its use for sustainable products.

Washing the fibers makes it less abrasive, facilitating the finishing process with excellent flexibility and tensile ability.

Uses of Valchromat for your interior

If you want to add color to your interior, you can choose to use Valchromat . He is widely used in interior decoration . Consequently, many recognized brands in the Design sector have adopted Valchromat in order to create exceptional products. Valchromat is a wood that can be found today in every room of the house, from the living room to the entrance, including the sleeping areas, the kitchen and even the bathroom. What is Valchromat? This is the material used to create fully personalized furniture or worktops.

Pegboard and Valchromat

Valchromat in practice

We have selected for you some ideas for using Valchromat in your home

What is Valchromat: ideal for a library

Here is a library made from Valchromat. The material brings an artistic and contemporary touch to your interior decoration. Your books are highlighted on this structure with a strong and assertive character. You can create modules of different dimensions, rectangular or square. A Valchromat bookcase will allow you to create a functional storage set with the most beautiful effect.

Valchromat is therefore a material that can be worked in all directions . It is easy to machine and finish. You can easily sand it and repair it in the event of scratches on your furniture. This ease of use partly explains the popularity of Valchromat among furniture manufacturers.

The Colors of Valchromat

What is Valchromat: ideal for a TV cabinet

Do you want a unique piece of furniture to enhance your television? The Valchromat will once again respond. Its appearance and texture will bring an elegant and refined atmosphere to your interior. You run no risk, Valchromat is super resistant. It is therefore a safe bet for your television cabinet. A good combination with soft and refined accessories will give a certain character to your interior decor. You can also combine the color of wood with your television to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Valchromat kitchen furniture

Kitchen furniture designed using Valchromat is always stunning . A touch of sweetness is always present. This fits perfectly with the atmosphere needed for cooking in peace. No longer be afraid of scratches on your worktop, stains or even deformation of the wood due to humidity . Valchromat offers you its resistance and durability.

You can apply a coat of mineral oil to protect your furniture. This oil will also bring a new depth to the pigments of your material. The color of Valchromat will become deeper and warmer. What is Valchromat? It really is an all-purpose material for your interior decoration.  

Kitchen in Valchromat

Valchromat wall covering

Whatever the room to be personalized, a Valchromat wall makes your interior unique. You can find a place for the Valchromat almost everywhere in your home : the entrance, the living room, the dining room or the kitchen... As you will have understood, the Valchromat is a real Swiss army knife for interior decoration.

Of course, there are other ideas, each more original than the last. The Valchromat is just waiting to meet your imagination! This wood-based material does not release toxic products. It is therefore a welcome material in your interior. Although the most popular colors are neutral and dark, tinted Valchromat can also be available in lighter and brighter colors.

Valchromat the kingdom of color

What finishes for Valchromat?

Produced in different dimensions and thicknesses, Valchromat can receive several types of finishes. Whether varnished or oiled, whether you want to obtain a satin, glossy or matte finish. The Valchromat will meet your expectations! Applying a varnish allows you to highlight the original color of the panel or to accentuate a nuance.

At Quark , all of our Valchromat Pegboards are finished with a protective mineral oil . This protective mineral oil guarantees the durability and resistance of your Pegboard over time.

What is Valchromat: a sustainable material

You will have understood, at Quark we are involved in a sustainable creation model . We feel the world is moving and we want to support it in a viable model for generations to come.

Our key words are as follows:

  • Simplicity
  • Scalability
  • Creativity

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See you soon Quarkos

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Cher Michel,

Nous sommes ravis que notre article vous ait permis de découvrir le Valchromat, un matériau innovant et polyvalent qui séduit de plus en plus les amateurs de design et de bricolage. Pour répondre à vos questions :

Utilisation pour un plateau de table circulaire : Le Valchromat est tout à fait adapté pour la réalisation d’un plateau de table circulaire. Sa densité et sa texture lui confèrent une solidité appréciable, ce qui est idéal pour un meuble quotidien comme une table. De plus, sa capacité à être teint dans la masse offre une esthétique unique et personnalisable.

Poids du matériau : Bien que le Valchromat soit plus dense que le MDF traditionnel en raison de sa composition et de son processus de fabrication, il reste maniable. Le poids dépendra de l’épaisseur du panneau que vous choisirez pour votre projet. Pour un plateau de table, considérez l’épaisseur et la taille globale pour évaluer le poids final de votre table.

Où acheter le Valchromat : Vous n’avez pas besoin de vous rendre au Portugal pour acheter du Valchromat. Ce produit est distribué à l’international par de nombreux fournisseurs de matériaux de construction et de panneaux de bois spécialisés. Je vous recommande de contacter les magasins de bricolage locaux ou les fournisseurs de matériaux de construction spécialisés dans votre région. Vous pouvez également rechercher des distributeurs en ligne qui peuvent vous proposer une livraison directe.
Nous travaillons régulièrement avec https://www.descamps-bois.fr/
Ils sont au top !

Dimensions disponibles : Le Valchromat est disponible en panneaux de différentes dimensions et épaisseurs, avec des épaisseurs variant généralement de 8 mm à 19 mm. Les panneaux ont 4 formats : 2440×1220 | 2440×1830 | 3660×1220 | 3660×2440 m

Nous espérons que ces informations vous aideront dans votre projet de création d’une table circulaire en Valchromat. N’hésitez pas à partager le résultat avec nous !

Pierre-Axel pour Quark

L'équipe Quark

Merci à vous pour nous avoir permis de découvrir le Valchromat, je ne connaissais pas ce bois, ma question, peut-il convenir pour faire un plateau de table circulaire ? es ce un matériau lourd ? ou peut-on acheter ce produit sans aller jusqu’au Portugal et dans quelles dimensions est t’il vendu ? merci pour votre réponse. Cordialement, Michel.

Ladreyt Michel

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