Decoration meeting #19: Ripaton, part 2, decoration without waste

Rencontre Déco #19 : Ripaton, partie 2, la décoration sans gaspillage - Quark
Here is the second part of the interview with Margot and her decoration without waste. In this one, she reveals where Ripaton's inspirations come from and their manufacturing methods.

Do you think that your profession will have to reinvent itself towards decoration without waste? Especially with the pandemic we are going through.

Not really. We are one of the few business sectors that have experienced strong growth during the pandemic. The decoration sector exploded during confinement. The challenge was to succeed in keeping up with the pace to meet all our orders. So we had to recruit new people. Our goal is to be able to meet all the new needs of our customers. For this, we are constantly developing our range of decorative products without waste.

Can you present in a few words your eco-responsible approach thanks to your zero-waste decoration?

From the beginning, we have decided to manufacture our products by hand in France, in our workshop. We work with local suppliers. We buy our raw materials and boxes from suppliers in Montpellier.

All of our packaging is made from recycled materials. We reuse our scraps to create other products. The goal is to maximize decoration without waste.

We produce on demand to avoid overstock.

We also collaborate with an Ésat. It is a work center for people with disabilities.

Thanks to our production method, we can offer our customers quality, solid and waste-free products. We try to work for a different consumption. With our legs, you will be able to make tables that will last more than 10 years.

According to you, does the decoration without waste and therefore the furniture have an impact on our moods and our well-being?

Yes of course. Being in an interior where you feel good plays on morale and mood. That's why we highlight different kinds of moods and interiors. There are lots of different styles (vintage, Scandinavian, design…). I think having beautiful furniture and beautiful rooms affects our mood. The people who make their furniture have a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment at having created something. They're going to be proud of it, they're going to show it off to their friends and family. All this contributes to a small form of well-being which is quite significant.

Do you think you have a particular style?

Honestly no. Our products have this ability to be able to adapt to all types of interiors. We offer raw steel products that are untreated and have that industrial side. But, this same product can be lacquered in white and have a much more Scandinavian and refined side, or on the contrary in matte black for interiors that are a little more marked and "designer". There really isn't a style.

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Do you have a project that you dream of realizing one day?

I would like us to be able to wear Ripaton in Europe as we were able to do in France. Today, very humbly, our company is a reference in terms of table legs and eco-responsible furniture. It's really great what we managed to do in 5 years. Our goal now is to develop the brand in Europe and become a reference. It would be an achievement for me and all our collaborators. We have worked hard to be well established in France. It is therefore a great challenge to succeed in doing so in Europe. This would be the culmination of this adventure.

What are your sources of inspiration?

We are inspired a lot by what we can see on social networks or in magazines. As soon as I go to a restaurant or a shop I look at the table legs. There are lots of things that inspire us. With the whole team, we have a slack group and as soon as we see a foot we like, or something inspiring, we send each other the photos. We are not necessarily inspired by a particular designer or person. We try to follow the trend and also be a bit “avant-garde”. The team also works on materials that are trendy. For example, we want to work with recycled plastic. There are a lot of things that we want to anticipate and that we want to put in place.

Do you have any recommendations for Instagram or Facebook accounts that you particularly like? (whether brands or individuals)

French Viking and La Chaise Française are circles of creators like us, who manufacture French and sustainable products. Apart from furniture, I really like the way of communicating and presenting Respire brand products. These are brands that inspire me. Atelier Tuffery as well.

And finally, what do you think of the Pegboard and the modular design? Should we prefer a single function object? Or does the multifunction provide solutions in line with our lifestyles?

I didn't necessarily know the Pegboard but when I saw it I found it super interesting. Multifunctional objects are my favorite. This is what we try to do with our products. For example, our modular shelves or the idea that the legs can be used for different types of tables. For me the multifunction, the fact that it is modular and customizable is very important.

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