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Flowerpot with water tank - made in 3D printing

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Discover our flower pot with water tank. This is an object made entirely in 3D printing in our workshop.

Sometimes you don't think you have a green thumb. But in the end, we're mostly airheads. We forget to take time to water the flowers, or the summer heat comes to support our troubles. The leaves end up turning yellow, then fall… Your self-confidence diminishes and you are convinced that you do not have a green thumb. The water reservoir flower pot is the solution:

  • Simple maintenance
  • Improves the lifespan of your plants
  • Better resistance to high heat for plants

Take care of your plants

With Quark we are here to support your gardening dream and we have a simple and practical solution to accompany you. The flower pot with water reservoir is the most obvious solution. Equipped with a double bottom, the flower pot with reservoir allows a supply of water from below, ideal for plants that do not tolerate having wet foliage. In addition, the reservoir helps maintain constant humidity without drowning the roots.

Are you still wondering: what is the best solution to take care of your flowers? It's just a water reservoir pot 🚀

The flower pot will allow you to create an ideal environment for your plants thanks to its water tank.

This flower pot is made using the technique of 3D printing from PETG (the material of plastic water bottles). It perfectly respects the well-being of your plants.

We make the flower pots in our workshop, alongside our Pegboards.

Technical information


  • Height: 12cm
  • Diameter of the flowerpot: 10 cm


  • Water tank: White
  • Plant and Soil Container: Orange

Package Contents :

  • 1 PETG outer pot
  • 1 PETG inner pot
  • 2 stainless steel pins

Learn more about the history of this 3D printed flowerpot: our blog post

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Understand 3D printing

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3D printing what is it?

The Quark Workshop

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