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Pegboard Perforated Panel Kit + Office Accessories

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96 x 96 cm

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This is how the Pegboard Quark works in video 👇

Description du produit

Maximize the efficiency of your kitchen with the Quark Pegboard Kitchen Kit + Accessories Size L, ideal for large kitchen spaces. This stylish and practical kit helps you organize your kitchen with style and functionality.

Product Features :

  • Compact Dimensions: A 96x96 cm Pegboard , perfect for optimizing the space in your kitchen.
  • High Quality Materials: Made from birch plywood with an oiled finish, our Pegboard combines strength and design.
  • Innovative and Functional Design: Transform your kitchen with a wall-mounted storage solution that combines convenience and aesthetics.

Accessories Included:

  • x1 Multiple jar holder : Ideal for having your favorite spices within reach.
  • x1 Jar holder 14 cm: Ideal for having your favorite cereals close at hand.
  • x1 Black utensil holder 20 cm: To keep your kitchen utensils organized and accessible.
  • x10 Solid Beech Pins : Robust for hanging various utensils or tea towels.
  • x2 Black inclined hooks : Ideal for hanging your dishcloths, utensils or other small kitchen accessories, adding a touch of practical elegance to your space.
  • x2 7 cm stainless steel pins : Ideal for hanging your dishcloths, utensils or other small kitchen accessories, adding a touch of practical elegance to your space.
  • x1 Magnetic knife holder : Allows store and access your knives with ease
  • x1 Roll holder paper towel: Practical, fun and elegant, it is ideal in your work space or your kitchen.
  • x1 Solid Beech Shelf 10x24 cm: Perfect for displaying decorative objects or storing small kitchen items.
  • x2 Solid Beech Shelves 14x30 cm: Perfect for displaying decorative items or storing small kitchen items.

Manufacturing and Quality:

  • Careful Manufacturing: Each pegboard is carefully manufactured at Quark, ensuring a superior quality product.
  • Manufacturing time: Allow 3 to 4 weeks for manufacturing after ordering, followed by rapid delivery.

Technical informations :

  • Durable Materials: The birch top, solid beech pins and stainless steel pins guarantee durability and solidity.
  • Advanced Technology: Certain components are made in 3D printing with industrially recyclable plastics, such as PLA and PETG in black.

    The Quark Workshop

    Quark is the meeting of a design studio and a carpentry workshop. Our workshop is located in Paris in the 19th. The whole team is involved for you in order to create timeless and durable products.

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